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How OSHA Regulations Affect Construction Accident Cases

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a division of the Department of Labor and is responsible for setting and enforcing workplace safety and health standards. OSHA officials perform safety inspections and respond to catastrophes, fatalities, and complaints. If employers are found to be in violation of OSHA standards, heavy fines may apply. As of January 23, 2019, the maximum federal fine for a single violation is $13,260. A failure to abate will be fined at $13,260 per day past the abatement date, and a willful or repeated violation may result in a $132,598 fine.

Construction industry professionals can rely on Righi Fitch Law Group for experienced and cost-effective legal representation in the face of alleged OSHA violations, inspections, and enforcement proceedings. Our OSHA defense attorneys have in-depth knowledge and practical experience with the regulatory landscape as it affects contractors, construction companies, insurance carriers, and others in the construction industry.

Solution-driven and results-oriented, our seasoned attorneys know how to deal with OSHA to reduce the risk of citations and penalties. We also defend clients against personal injury and wrongful death actions related to construction accidents, whether or not OSHA violations have been alleged. And we are equipped to provide rapid response services to the industry in cases involving vehicle and bus accidents, crane and rigging accidents, and any type of construction site accident involving an OSHA investigation. When necessary, we involve industry experts as part of our rapid response team to ensure an immediate, appropriate investigation is commenced before critical evidence is lost or destroyed.

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Targeted Defense Counsel & OSHA Compliance Guidance

Increasing numbers of regulations can make OSHA compliance challenging. Continually escalating penalties and exposure to liability make it essential. Righi Fitch Law Group serves the needs of the construction industry by providing focused counseling relating to OSHA compliance.

We provide services that include:

  • OSHA negotiation and litigation
  • OSHA inspection preparation and follow-up
  • Crisis management after a construction catastrophe
  • Construction site accident liability defense

Serving Construction Industry Professionals

If a construction accident has already occurred, or if you are facing regulatory actions by OSHA or any government entity, seek experienced guidance from Righi Fitch Law Group. Our OSHA attorneys believe in educating our clients and simplifying the legal process for them, so they can make their own decisions regarding their cases. We help our clients identify their goals and apply our legal experience to cost effectively pursue them.

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