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The Importance of Having an Emergency Response Team

Protect Your Business and Employees

Any time there is a catastrophic accident, time is of the essence. Planning ahead for potential dangers that your company could face – such as an explosion, commercial trucking crash, or cyber scandal – allows you to act immediately following the incident.

Why It’s Important to Act Immediately After an Accident

Acting fast is imperative to minimize physical destruction and keep everyone involved safe. Still, there are more benefits to staying on top of the issue from the moment the news breaks, including:

  • Protecting the driver or operator: Anyone directly involved in a catastrophic event will be shaken with fear and anxiety. These raw emotions could lead them to say things that could hurt them and the company. It’s important to sequester the individuals to prepare them for the interviews and requests for information that will be coming from the police or OSHA investigators.
  • Avoiding spoilation: Plaintiff lawyers are leveraging spoilation in order to increase the value of claims. Acting fast allows you to preserve evidence from the start to fight spoilation.
  • Protecting the brand: Taking immediate action allows you to retain control of the story and avoid too big of an impact on consumer trust in your company.

What to Do When Disaster Strikes

When an accident happens, you should call us immediately. We will take charge to deploy the rest of the team in accordance with the emergency response plan. By entrusting an attorney with the task of leading your reaction, you benefit from the attorney-client privilege and preserve the work product privilege. This means that any information gathered by experts and investigators employed by the lawyer flows through the attorney and is protected, which benefits you should litigation follow.

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