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Righi Fitch Law Group Takes Another Innovative Initiative to Better Serve its Clients

With its newest addition to the team, RLG looked to the industry to better serve its clients. Paralegal Chris Willaby brings 20 years of practical experience in the construction industry, having been employed by some of the top homebuilders in the country. His specialties include project management, quality assurance, and risk management, construction defect litigation, multi-million dollar budget managing, real estate development, and revitalizing and implementing customer service programs for existing and start-up markets. He has received numerous awards, including Eliant's 2011 Buyers Choice Awards: First Place in Overall First-Year Quality, and First Place in Construction Experience.

Chris's experience with homebuilders is valuable to RLG and its clients because he has seen construction problems through the eyes of the Builder and Contractors as well as through the eyes of the Homeowner. He understands how crucial it is to view a case from all of the necessary angles.

When asked why he chose RLG as opposed to another law firm, Chris shared that as a home builder representative he was able to see firsthand that RLG comprised a group of attorneys who were accessible and easy to work with, who received favorable results for their clients. He appreciates that RLG is a group of business professionals that are innovative, creative, and not afraid to try something different. The culture, a professional but relaxed atmosphere, was another intriguing aspect for Chris. He also shared what he believes to be the most important factor: "The attorneys at Righi Fitch Law Group put their clients' interests first in every decision they make, so it is easy to align myself with their business philosophy."

Former volunteer firefighter and emergency care attendant, Chris enjoys outdoor activities including camping and motorcycling.