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Pre-Trial Litigation Practices Result in Favorable Settlement

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RLG represented a general contractor that built a high-end single-family residence in Sedona, Arizona. The subsequent purchaser of the residence brought a lawsuit against the general contractor for property damage and personal injuries arising out of construction defects and resultant mold. Plaintiffs alleged $1,084,886 in damages. RLG not only defended against these allegations but also brought a third-party complaint against the architect and subcontractors. This case was litigated for five years because of arrogant plaintiffs and their difficult attorneys. RLG systematically gutted the Plaintiff's claims through effective cross-examination in depositions, motion work, and appellate practice. The general contractor settled with the subcontractors and architect for $43,000 and offered $140,000 to Plaintiff. During this five year period, Plaintiffs never reduced their demand below $780,000. In July 2011 the trial court denied Plaintiff's motion for a new trial. Following this ruling, the Plaintiff's capitulated and agreed to accept $60,000 is a settlement. Since the general contractor had recovered $43,000 from the subcontractors, its two insurance carriers paid out the paltry sum of $8,500 each to resolve this case.