Righi Fitch Law Group Continues to add high quality lawyers to their team to enhance and extend the scope of services to their clients

Clients and high quality attorneys are seeking what Righi Fitch Law Group has to offer. Mike Minnaugh is one example of an experienced lawyer who jumped at the opportunity to join Righi Fitch Law Group. With 35 jury trials and extensive commercial litigation experience under his belt, Mike brings an increased breadth and depth to the services that Righi Fitch Law Group can now provide its clients.

Although Mike had offers from four other law firms he chose Righi Fitch Law Group. When asked why, Mike put it simply: "All I can say is that I am so excited to join a firm that cares about client satisfaction as much as me and is always looking for innovative solutions to resolve cases." His past litigation experience taught him the importance of diversity, team work, and innovation. Melissa Lin, who has been with the firm since its inception, agrees: "The partners practice what they preach. We are encouraged to think outside the box and to keep abreast of new laws, technologies and methodologies that might help us to better serve our clients."

Commitment to the core values that make Righi Fitch Law Group unique is the key. Although the firm is young, the founding partners have collectively over 50 years of litigation experience. Righi Fitch Law Group lawyers leverage their diverse experiences to create a firm environment where clients are well served and innovative lawyers thrive. According to Rick Righi: "We had the advantage of knowing what works and what doesn't from our collective past experiences. We discarded the old, tired, and ineffective ways of practice and implemented new methods that ensure client satisfaction and foster innovation".

Righi Fitch Law Group adheres to these values:

Innovate: We find creative solutions for our clients.

Involve: We keep our clients informed so that they can make the important decisions.

Simplify: We make complex legal issues understandable for our clients.

Resolve: We bring about closure as quickly and efficiently as possible.