Comparative Fault Victory

In Sonanes v. Core Construction Services of Arizona, Inc. and L.R. Borelli, Inc., dba Partitions & Accessories, Inc. (CV2008-090796), Rick Righi and Chris Begeman of Righi Fitch Law Group represented Core Construction, a general contracting company. Core was completing construction of a large high school complex in Gilbert, Arizona. Plaintiff was employed by a janitorial company charged with final cleaning duties. Plaintiff was wiping down an interior window when stacked bathroom partitions pulled away from an adjacent wall into her ladder. Plaintiff was knocked from the ladder and suffered a serious knee injury. Plaintiff alleged $130,000.00 in medical specials resulting from the accident. Plaintiff alleged that Core, and its subcontractor, failed to properly stack the partitions, causing them to fall against the ladder. The defense argued that the partitions were securely stacked, and that plaintiff caused the accident by placing her ladder in an unsafe position and pulling the partitions onto her ladder. Plaintiff's counsel asked the jury for a $1.6M award. The jury unanimously awarded Plaintiff $150,000 compensatory damages, apportioning ninety percent fault to the Plaintiff, and ten percent fault to Core Construction for a total verdict of $15,000.00. Defendant Core Construction had previously offered $37,500 in response to Plaintiff's demand for $450,000.