Worker’s Compensation Defense

Comprehensive Legal Services in Workers' Compensation Defense

Righi Fitch Law Group has extensive experience in workers' compensation defense, with over 30 years of experience litigating cases at the Industrial Commission through the appellate level. We represent insurance carriers, self-insured employers, and third party administrators in Arizona.

As an AV rated defense firm, we provide our clients with innovative and effective strategies for defense through our extensive knowledge and quality representation. Our lawyers thoroughly investigate every case by taking all necessary steps to determine whether an accident arose out of or in the scope of the employment and particular attention to prevention of unnecessary medical care. In addition, we will work with clients to improve workplace safety and prevent work-related accidents.

Whether you are an insurance carrier, self-insured employer, or third party administrator, we understand the complexity of workers' compensation claims and are here to help. Our vast experience in other areas of law gives us a broad knowledge and resource base to defend your claims, whether the accident is on a construction site, a motor vehicle accident or a simple strain or sprain while lifting. We at Righi Fitch understand that, as a client, you are best served by thorough and effective representation during all stages of the case.