Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation

Experienced Insurance Defense Attorneys

The exposure in insurance bad faith litigation can be extremely high. Not only is the insurance company subject to great financial risk — the company's internal practices and procedures could also be exposed to public scrutiny. The attorneys of Righi Fitch Law Group in Phoenix defend clients in insurance bad faith litigation throughout Arizona.

Because insurance bad faith claims can result in punitive as well as compensatory damages, the choice of a law firm to handle these cases is crucial. We recognize the substantial risks insurance bad faith cases present and work diligently to protect our clients' interests. Our experience has brought national insurers to depend upon us to represent their interests.

Defending Allegations of Improper Claim Handling

Insurance bad faith claims can occur when an insured is dissatisfied with the way a claim was handled. We defend insurance companies in cases of wrongfully denied claims, delayed payment of undisputed claims, reservation of rights, as well as cases involving policy rescission or cancellation.

Resolving Insurance Coverage Disputes

An insurance coverage dispute can evolve into a bad faith claim. We help insurance companies reduce the risk of litigation by working to resolve coverage disputes quickly and cost effectively.

No matter what the specific circumstances, the first thing our lawyers do is obtain and study every piece of evidence. We obtain the paper claim file and all electronic data generated by the case. If the situation was not well documented, we will interview the insurance adjusters and other parties to build a factual basis for defense.

We are available to handle a wide range of insurance law and litigation matters, including those related to:

  • Coverage opinions
  • Declaratory relief actions
  • Insurance risk management
  • Insurance defense litigation
  • First party bad faith litigation
  • Third party bad faith litigation

For experienced and cost-effective defense in complex insurance bad faith cases, contact Righi Fitch Law Group by e-mail or call