Surety and Insurance

Insurance Defense for the Construction Industry

The attorneys of Righi Fitch Law Group represent insurance companies, contractors, developers and other construction clients involved withinsurance and surety law issues. We are uniquely positioned to pursue insurance coverage for our developer clients while working within the parameters established by the insurance industry.

Risk Management: Establishing and Enforcing Insurance Requirements

When a developer, homebuilder or general contractor begins a construction project, the insurance needs can be complex and vary widely depending upon the circumstances. Our firm is well versed in the insurance requirements necessary to fully protect against risks associated with construction. We assist clients by managing their complex insurance needs. We assess coverage and indemnity requirements and then document them for direct insurers. We also determine the coverage and indemnity obligations that should be imposed on the individual subcontractors. We establish a protocol for subcontractors to meet regarding their purchase of insurance coverage. As the project moves forward, we ensure that all subcontractors are in compliance with these requirements.

Just as it takes an experienced eye to read and understand the nuances of a blueprint, it takes an attorney experienced in construction insurance and surety law to sort out the complex network of responsibilities for the risks associated within a construction project. Our law firm has that experience.

Proactive Litigation Management: Protecting the Client's Interests

If a home builder or general contractor is sued, we analyze relevant documentation at the outset of every case to determine the availability of insurance coverage and indemnity protection. First, we will look at the insurance you have in place and, if it applies, request the insurance company to defend and indemnify (cover claims) so that the client does not have to incur expenses for costs, attorney's fees or even a judgment.

Next, we look at the subcontracts and certificates of insurance to determine if any of the subcontractors have named the client as an additional insured under their policies. If so, we will seek coverage for our client under those policies.

We have the experience and staff to tender claims to the right insurers, aggressively pursue all available insurance coverage, and manage the insurance portion of small and complex cases.

Insurance companies regularly retain us to represent home builders and general contractors because of our insurance defense experience. We understand how to protect the home builder's and general contractor's interests while working with the insurance companies that are paying for the defense.

Direct Representation of Insurance Companies

We also represent insurance companies directly, analyzing the coverage available and rendering a coverage opinion. If an insurance company is sued for its handling of a claim or defense, we will represent them in an insurance coverage dispute or defend them in an insurance bad faith claim. Likewise, architects, engineers and other construction professionals who face litigation can rely on our experience in professional liability defense.

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