Lien Enforcement Disputes

Filing, Releasing and Enforcing Mechanics' Liens

One of the most common disputes in construction projects involves the nonpayment of obligations to a contractor or subcontractor, which may lead to a construction claim. These disputes often result in a mechanics' lien being placed on the title to a property.

Mechanics' liens serve as a tool for enforcing payment through such methods as stop notices. They are filed when work needs to be done. If payment is complete, the lien is released and removed from the property's title. If payment is not made, the lienholder can foreclose on a property to obtain payment.

As part of our full-service representation of contractors and subcontractors, the attorneys of Righi Fitch Law Group file and remove mechanics' liens for our clients.

Properly filing a mechanics' lien involves jumping through several legal hoops and meeting filing deadlines. It is a cumbersome and time consuming process unless you are familiar with the legal requirements. If it is not filed correctly, the lien may be removed. Because our attorneys are experienced in filing and removing liens, our firm can do the job for you. Our clients appreciate that we provide a cost-effective approach to dealing with mechanics' liens.

Enforcement of Construction Liens

Sometimes mechanics' liens need to be enforced through litigation. We will use our experience in alternative dispute resolution techniques, including mediation and arbitration, to resolve these claims as promptly and cost-effectively as possible.

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