Homebuilder and General Contractor Defense

Innovative Solutions to Construction Defect Disputes

Arizona law makes construction defect defense a unique practice area, unlike construction defect law elsewhere in the country. The shifting sands of the legal landscape require the advice of counselors who are up-to-date on the latest legal developments, from the right to repair under the Purchaser Dwelling Act (A.R.S. §12-1361) to the most recent court rulings on indemnity and insurance obligations. Our team of experienced lawyers have personal knowledge of local juries and judges to provide knowledgeable insight and effective advocacy every step of the way.

The attorneys of Righi Fitch Law Group in Phoenix provide experienced and innovative construction defect defense for clients throughout Arizona. As long time practitioners in Arizona, we have a proven track record of successfully defending contractors, developers, builders and their insurance companies against complaints by homeowner's associations and property owners.

Defects to Condominiums, Townhomes, Single Family Residences and Commercial Properties

Construction and design defect claims can take many different paths, and the exposure can be extremely high for any home builder and its insurer. We do everything possible to position our clients for success at trial while striving toward an early and favorable resolution. We assist our clients on the front end by aggressively pursuing insurance and contractual coverage.

Construction projects are inherently complicated and often involve scores of parties with potentially conflicting rights and obligations and hundreds of thousands of documents. Our experienced team has the expertise to assist our clients in untangling the web of facts and identifying superior strategies for mounting a successful legal defense and reaching the best possible outcome. We use the most advanced technology for case management, document control and communication with our clients to enhance our overall effectiveness and efficiency in resolving the case.

Early Involvement, Creative Solutions

Our approach to construction defect defense is to get involved as quickly as possible and develop innovative solutions that allow us to address the property owner's concerns quickly and cost effectively. We have developed specific procedures that allow us to take this proactive approach.

In one case involving roofing problems, we worked directly with the homeowners to get the problem resolved before they even hired a lawyer. We listened to their concerns, then hired an independent contractor to identify the actual problems with the project. The contractor obtained competitive bids for the repairs, hired qualified subcontractors and oversaw the repairs. This approach allowed the insurance carrier to manage the risk and avoid the costs of litigation while protecting the general contractor client.

Practical Solutions to Legal Concerns

By focusing on practical solutions, we are often able to eliminate significant attorney's fees. When these approaches are not feasible or effective, you can rely on our skills as negotiators and litigators. We handle a legal matter from before a lawsuit is filed through mediation, trial and appeal. We have the capability to handle construction defect defense at all stages of the legal process.

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