Construction ADR

Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Construction Industry

The construction ADR attorneys of Righi Fitch Law Group are respected arbiters and mediators who help parties resolve their differences efficiently and cost-effectively outside of the courtroom.

We Understand the Legal Issues Involved

Beth Fitch and Rick Righi are practical and effective mediators and arbitrators in the alternative dispute resolution realm. We have earned the respect of our legal peers because we understand the construction industry from every perspective: homebuilders, subcontractors, and the unique needs of owners. We understand the complex insurance issues surrounding construction litigation, which helps us facilitate resolution in the most complicated situations.

We start by identifying the core issues in the dispute and what each party really wants. Then we work to establish common ground and build consensus. We will suggest creative solutions ourselves or help the two parties generate their own ideas for bringing the case to resolution.

Often the solution is tied to understanding and responding to the needs of the plaintiff and what motivated them to take legal action in the first place. Sometimes those needs can be as simple as having someone listen to and acknowledge their concerns.

Dedicated to Achieving Optimal Results

We are usually able to find a solution that respects the interests of all parties and avoids the time and expense involved in litigation. Whether the dispute involves a construction defect, a contract issue or a partnership dispute, you can rely on us to provide alternative dispute resolution services of exceptional quality. Other lawyers like to work with us because we take a reasonable, practical and relaxed approach to the practice of law.

One of the reasons we are successful in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the fact that we are successful trial attorneys. Attorney Richard Righi has tried over 50 cases in Arizona courts. He is one of the few Arizona lawyers who have tried significant construction defect cases to verdict.

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